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Telus is committed to bringing the the best weatherized electronics for the outdoor world. We believe the best experiences are those in the outdoors. This is why we produce and re-engineer entertainment technology that can be enjoyed in any environment and climate. From Winter colds, Spring showers, and those hot Summer days. Remain unworried with Telus Outdoor Electronics.

The Full Outdoor (55") 4K HDTV by Telus is made durable for outdoor viewing environments thanks to its rugged frame, screen, and electronic components


Unlike traditional indoor televisions, The Full Outdoor (55") 4K HDTV by Telus will feature no ventilation holes. Ventilation holes provide easy entry for moisture, water, insects, dust, and dirt.

Heat temperature control is monitored by the computer and is backed with (3) large fans at the top of the frame blowing hot out. (2) small fans will be located towards the bottom panel of the television to help regulate cool air in.

The Full Outdoor (55") 4K HDTV by Telus features an all around tight along the frame, television screen, and bezel edge..


Screen has been treated with GlassX, a strong ceramic armor developed by NanoFlowX that protects the screen from scratches, light impacts, and hard water spots. 


Every electronic component located inside The Full Outdoor (55") 4K HDTV by Telus will be treated with one of the most advanced nanocoatings on the market for electronics produced exclusively by NanoFlow

Unlike other outdoor TVs, NanoFlowX utilizes state-of-the art technology when it comes to providing additional protection for electronic components from water damage, corrosion, humidity, moisture, heat, and dust. This nanocoating technology has been proven effective on smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, drones, speakers, and so much more. By utilizing NanoFlowX we are transforming the outdoor television market with an industry leading IP65 certified protection against dust and water.

We took a regular indoor 4K HDTV and waterproofed it using NanoFlowX.  


Up to 2x  as bright as leading indoor television screens and up to 4x brighter than current outdoor 4K HDTVs out on the market. With 2000 NITs of brightness, The Full Outdoor (55") 4K HDTV by Telus provides unmatched 4K High Definition quality for the outdoors.